Unapologetically Meryl


Let’s just say that among a list of other things, I’m a writer.

It all began with some instantaneous, innocent poetry. The otherwise insignificant musings of a sixth grader were lovingly compiled by my beloved maternal grandfather into a slim book called ‘Flowers of Spring’ replete with a foreword!! Looking back, it was this very act that led me to believe that I can write for a purpose: to educate, entertain and create visibility for myself as a writer.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was selected as one of the ten Star Correspondents during the academic year 2011-12 after a written test taken up by 200+ students across top schools in my city. I would also become Star Correspondent a second time during the year of 2011 after my topical won the monthly Star Correspondent challenge. Nearly two years of article writing would teach me to tackle topics in a pertinent, creative and succinct manner. My tryst with blogging began shortly afterwards.

A few months into the picture, I began writing for ‘Agape’, the diocesan bulletin of our congregation.  My four blogs thrived briefly with hormonal, impulsive write-ups that I would later filter or exhume :). They float now like abandoned ghost ships as I sought to reinvent my style of writing. To cut a long story short, ‘Mindscape Touring’ was born.

I am @AgentOxyMoron on Wattpad. Here’s a small photo collage of some of my work.


You may also find me on Women’s Web (@MerylmammenK) and Academia.edu (Meryl Mammen Kurien).

My second blog is all about interviewing some really incredible folks. Do check it out!



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