Yes, I’m a feminist



Oh yes, I’m a feminist,

I’m not afraid to say.

If you want me to change,

Then get the hell away!


Don’t ask me to be okay

With being treated sub-human,

As a pair of breasts

Or buttocks that your eyes never leave.


When you say that I live in a bubble,

My friend, so do you!

Many are the ways of patriarchy,

Many are the shackles I must break on my own.


Say, Mr/Ms Conversion Therapist,

Do you know the internal battle,

The struggle to reclaim my sanity

In a world of values I don’t identify with?


The nights of denial and fear

That welded themselves into my psyche,

All the self hate and shame

That were not supposed to be rightfully mine?


You’d never know the struggle to find a voice,

You’d never know the battles a woman must fight,

You’d never know the demons inside,

the people outside

And the many sufferings untold.


Your biased, one-sided, feminist, You say!

Answer me in all honesty.

Did Martin Luther King glorify the ways of his oppressors?

Did Anne Frank sing praises to Hitler?

Did Emmeline Pankhurst exonerate patriarchy?

Did Savitribai Phule exalt ignorance?

Did Maya Angelou remain silent for life,

Just because a man raped her?


Have I crossed the line

In being unabashedly me?

No, I’d reckon,

That’s what got me this far.

I’m no saint,

I’m no whore.

I’m a woman

I’m human.


Most of all, I’m a woman with a voice,

And yes, I’m a feminist.

I don’t need your sympathy.





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